Nagao released graphics card mount with ability to mount 120mm fan

2022-05-21 23:38:29 By : Mr. Chuanbiao Xu

Japan-based Nagao unveiled their latest VGA mount "N-VGA-PROTECT," which prevents graphics cards from sinking in their own weight, dropping off during movement and transit.

When it comes to VGA retention, items that are attached to the PC case body with expansion slots and magnets / double-sided tape are the most common, but in "N-VGA-PROTECT," the 120mm fan (essentially the back fan) at the top of the expansion slot is the main attraction. It has the advantage of being attachable. Furthermore, because the support element is a slide, it can be finely adjusted to match the internal structure of the case and the size of the graphics card.

The product is made of 1.6 mm thick iron, has external dimensions of width 120 mm, depth 40 mm, height 140 mm, and weighs approximately 100 g. A space of about 105 mm or more in the direction of the expansion slot from the 120 mm fan mounting position is required as an installation condition, as is a space of 42 mm or more between the cooling fan and the CPU cooler. It is also vital to ensure that the motherboard's I/O cover and heat sink do not interfere with one other during installation. It'll be priced at roughly 10 USD.