Everything you need to pack like a professional

2021-11-25 11:16:05 By : Mr. Carson Jiang

You Got This is a series that focuses on the equipment needed to improve a certain area of ​​life.

If your holiday gifts always look like those wrapped by your 5-year-old cousin, then you are not alone. Gift wrapping is an art, but you can really master it. Pour yourself a Coke, get some packaging necessities from Walmart, and follow these tips.

First of all, you need a good, clean space to place your packages and packaging tools. You can spread it out on the floor of the living room, but the dog hair stuck under the scotch tape is not a good addition to the holiday experience. A better idea is to get this foldable six-foot table. After finishing the packaging, use it for the puzzle.

To create a professional look, you want clean cuts on the edges of the wrapping paper-no pulls or small tears. You can sharpen those sticky scissors you find in the debris drawer, but it's easier to get new ones. This pair of stainless steel cuts.

When sticking the edges of the paper, here is a handy technique: stick a piece of double-sided scotch tape on the inside of one edge, and then press the two edges together to form an invisible and impressive seam. No more shiny small squares of tape everywhere.

Now that you (hopefully) master the trick, you can use different paper styles and bows. This stylish packaging set comes with four rolls of rhombus, chevron and checkered paper, as well as matching bows and gift tags. Come on, be crazy about it.

Sometimes, even the most ingenious packaging techniques are not enough for odd-shaped gifts, such as old-fashioned action figures out of the box. solution? First wrap the item in a paper towel, put it in one of the holly-themed mini bags, and then gently pull the excess paper towel to the edge.

Shake holiday music or heavy metal-whatever it takes to keep you going. This portable bluetooth speaker will help you keep pace with the packaging. The rechargeable battery can be used for 10 hours. Hope it won't take that long to end everything.