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2022-10-09 12:59:29 By : Ms. Phoebe Pang

Since the dawn of time, humans have been pulling pranks. People prank each other for all kinds of reasons. Maybe it’s the senior class topping the previous year’s prank. Perhaps, it’s a boyfriend pulling off a hilarious prank on his unsuspecting girlfriend. Maybe the girlfriend gets a little revenge on the boyfriend’s birthday. Or it might be April Fool’s Day and you pull off a very elaborate prank on your best friend. Regardless, pranks are a staple of all cultures around the globe. There’s nothing wrong with pulling off a harmless prank. Avoid pranks that might hurt someone’s feelings or publicly humiliate them unless it’s really good. There are so many awesome prank ideas; it’s tough to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best and funniest prank ideas to pull the next chance you get. 

A simple but hilarious prank is to replace all the family photos with pictures of iconic actor Steve Buscemi. Buscemi is known for portraying a wide range of different characters, so there’s a wide selection to use. Not a fan of Buscemi? Well, other options include Nicolas Cage, Bill Murray, and Will Smith & family. 

While most people celebrate pranks on April Fool’s Day, another fantastic option is Halloween. A scary prank is a whole different level of trickery. For instance, the haunted house prank will make the prankster laugh, and cause the target to have nightmares. Simply write the phrase “Get Out” in red paint and make it seem like a creature emerged from the basement. 

The hot batch of cookie pranks takes a bit of work, but it’s totally worth it. First, make a batch of your favorite cookie, like chocolate chip, oatmeal, or peanut butter. Don’t forget to add the special ingredient, finely chopped steaming hot chilies. The hotter the chilies, the better. Finally, put the cookies on a tray and wait for some poor soul to come along craving a cookie. 

Few gags are as funny as the shampoo bottle prank. It’s another simple one that’s perfect for April Fool’s Day. Before the target takes a shower, unscrew the shampoo lid and place a piece of plastic wrap on the opening. Then, screw the lid back on and hide nearby so you can hear the screams of frustration. 

Harmless pranks executed at school or the office are the best way to get through the day. The bathroom stall prank is fun and easy to pull off at work or school.

All you need is a pair of pants and shoes. Next, place them strategically in the bathroom stall to make it seem like someone’s in there. Sit back and laugh as your co-workers or friends become concerned for the guy sitting in the bathroom for seven hours. 

Cookies are always a good resource when pulling off a prank . For instance, toothpaste cookies are both disgusting to eat and good for your teeth. Buy a box of everyone’s favorite Oreo cookies and replace the delicious cream filling with bitter toothpaste. Next, invite your friends over to hang out and eat some Oreos. 

Sometimes the best pranks are the simplest ones to pull off. The classic sugar and salt shaker switch is the perfect prank. All you have to do is switch the tops of the shakers, and the rest will take care of itself. You’ll have a good laugh as the target puts salt in the coffee and sugar in their soup. 

The upside-down water prank is ideal for parents that want to teach their kids a lesson they’ll never forget. Fill up glasses of water and place a thin piece of paper on top. Next, quickly flip over the glass and carefully pull out the paper. It’s a complex prank, but it’s easier to pull off than it looks. It’s genuinely a genius-level prank.

Here’s the perfect prank for the family member or friend that loves to drink pop. Make an ice cube with a Mento Mint candy in the middle. Next, grab the ice cubes when you have guests over for dinner and drinks. It goes perfectly with soda pop, but it’ll make any drink taste like fizzy toothpaste. 

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Balloons are a prankster’s best friend. They’re harmless, make a loud popping sound, and have multiple uses. The balloons in the bedroom is one of the easiest pranks. All it takes is blowing up hundreds of balloons and filling the bedroom or office to the very top. Fun fact: the more balloons, the funnier. 

The balloon prank fake-out plays off the previous balloon prank. This prank would work best if you have already done the balloons in the bedroom prank.

Simply blow up 20 to 30 large balloons and tape them together. Next, tape the bundle in a visible place and make it appear that the room is full of balloons. Of course, it’s an empty room, but the target won’t know that until it’s too late. 

Everyone loves a good brownie. Brownies are a delicious treat that’s irresistible to humans and animals. Therefore, it’s the perfect weapon in this hilarious prank.

Buy kitchen sponges and cut them into brownie-like shapes. Then cover the sponges in chocolate frosting and top them off with some sprinkles. The prank also works with a sponge cake made out of sponges. 

Since phones are vital to life, they are the perfect tool for a prank. When you get a chance, grab the target’s cell phone and change all the contacts to the same name.

May we suggest switching the name to Dennis Quaid? He’s one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood and is guaranteed to get a laugh. Other options available are Will Smith, Steve Buscemi, and Nicolas Cage. 

Pranksters come alive in the office and pull off the most creative pranks. For example, the computer upgrade prank will have your co-workers busting a gut. The prank requires constructing a fake computer and accessories out of cardboard.

In this case, the computer drawing should look like a 2-year-old drew it. Get to work early the following day and replace everything in the office with the cardboard computer. Bonus points if you switch out the office family pictures with Steve Buscemi. 

There are many creative pranks, but nothing compares to the good ol’ fake poop prank. Let’s be honest, poop is a staple of April Fool’s Day. It’s also one of the easiest pranks to pull off and arguably the best prank on this list. 

All it takes is buying a chocolate bar like Oh Henry and making it appear to be a piece of poop. Place that bad boy anywhere and prepare to laugh. The prank also works with Milk Duds. 

The spider in the lamp shade prank is an all-time classic that gets better each time. Nobody likes spiders or bugs, and that’s why they’re the perfect ammo for this prank. The prankster can either buy a fake spider or make one at home. There are tons of cut-outs online to follow to have an authentic-looking insect. Once the spider is ready, place it in a lamp shade to illuminate it. 

Candy apples are popular all year long, but in particular around Halloween. They’re always a hit at parties. They’re even better for pranks. The fake candy apple prank is so funny it’ll have your friends literally crying. Instead of making sweet candy apples, you’re going to make candy onions. Presentation is vital, so make sure they look identical to candy apples. 

Everyone loves a tall and delicious glass of Orange juice. Well, wait til they try Kraft Dinner orange juice. Make a big pitcher of orange juice but use dry Kraft Dinner cheese. Mix the cheese and water in the pitcher and serve it up to your friends. 

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The hats prank is a classic but requires making a few purchases. Buy a bunch of the same hat in different sizes to prank an unsuspecting friend. The next time you’re hanging out, start wearing the smallest size of the hat.

Every time you leave the room, return with the next size hat until you’re wearing the biggest. The prank’s success depends on how much you’re willing to spend. 

The air horn seat prank requires an office chair, so the workplace is ideal for this joke. The prankster simply duct tapes an air horn to the bottom of a chair. Anytime your co-worker or friend sits down, it’ll make a loud sound, making them jump out of their seat. Plus, it’ll scare anyone that’s sitting around the target too.

Inspired by the previous prank, the airhorn door is the type of joke that works anywhere. It takes the basic concept of the airhorn seat but takes it to the next level.

All it takes is duct-taping the air horn to the wall that lines up with the doorknob. When the unsuspecting target opens the door, they’ll set off the air horn. 

The Nicolas Cage prank is similar to the Steve Buscemi prank. It’s another ideal prank for the workplace, but it could work at home as well. Cover your co-worker’s desk with pictures of Nicolas Cage.

When doing this prank at home, hide Cage’s photos all over the house, including in the sock drawer. Take the gag further and put Cage’s face on the toilet seat. 

Once you’ve used Steve Buscemi, Dennis Quaid, and Nicolas Cage in a prank, it’s time to take it to the next level. At home, hang a picture of the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, along with family pictures.

It’s a funny prank that’ll get a big laugh, especially if you already used all the celebs. It’s a risky prank for the office, but no good prankster ever let that stand in the way.

On the morning of April 1st, request some eggs with a side of bacon and one big prank. The egg carton prank is a simple prank that requires glue and a carton of eggs. Simply glue the eggs to the carton and watch as the target struggles to pull them out.

The senior class prank is the most critical part of going to school. Every senior class feels the pressure to outdo the previous class. There are many great ideas, but few compare with the cups full of water pranks.

It’s a simple senior prank that requires teamwork and is the ideal senior class prank. All it takes is packing the hallways with cups full of water. Even the teachers will find the joke funny. Maybe. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Star Wars fan or not; everyone has a Chewbacca impression. The best pranks always require a bit of leg work to pull off. In this case, you need to print off a bunch of fliers advertising a Chewbacca impression contest.

Tell them to call a number and to leave their best impression to win a fantastic prize. Here’s the best part, put the phone number of the target of the prank. Soon, their voicemail will be full of Chewbacca impressions. 

The dead body prank works best with roommates or loved ones. Simply buy a dummy or make one using pillows and other items. Next, place the “dead body” in the bathroom face down and wait for your roommate to use the bathroom.

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