Works Ministry removes barrels on highway

2022-08-27 13:55:22 By : Mr. Yong an

THE Works and Transport Ministry said it removed some barrels that were recently placed along the Solomon Hochoy Highway in the vicinity of the Gandhi Village Roundabout by Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) leader Phillip Edward Alexander.

After a recent accident at the roundabout, Alexander claimed there were no safety measures there. He promised to fix the situation if the ministry did not.

In a statement on Friday, the ministry said it removed some oil barrels that had been placed in this area.

"While the Ministry is not averse to any initiative that seeks to improve road safety measures on the nation's roadway, such actions must operate within the parameters and guidelines of the Highways Authority."

The ministry said in this case, the barrels were removed since Alexander did not seek approvals from the relevant authority and none was given by said authority.

"The barrels were improperly installed and do not support the overall safety plan for the area. The existence of fixed procedures and checks and balances are critical as it ensures that an organisation adheres to proper engineering standards and processes, allowing for the most effective solution to be undertaken"

The ministry said, " The issue of road safety and the implementation of appropriate measures require a specific skill set. Such works should not be done by the whim and fancy of a person not specialised in the field."

Given the increase in road traffic accidents in the vicinity of the roundabout, the ministry said it has implemented additional traffic-control devices.

These include crash cushions (lit sand barrels), reflective tape, flashing cat eyes, flashing warning lights and improved signage and pavement markings with the intent of improving the overall safety of the area.