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2022-10-02 04:51:23 By : Ms. Tracy Zhang

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Cooper Kupp wears the Nike Vapor Edge 360 Speed. The pairs Kupp wears are PE (player exclusives) and are different from what the public can buy on the shelves. For starters, he gets them in many different Rams’ themed colorways with a “K” logo and his wife’s name (Anna) on the insole. Another key difference is that the upper is made from a much thinner material, making them much lighter than the retail model. Lastly, Kupp’s PEs have a thick tongue. The tongue on the retail model is paper thin and provides very little cushion on the top of foot. 

The Nike Vapor Edge 360 Speed is the lowest tier and lightest cleat in Nike’s Vapor lineup. The cleat is low-cut and feature’s Nike’s “Edge” traction plate. The “Edge” plate is a 2-piece construction with studs on the outermost parts of your foot, making it easy to cut on a dime.

You can get the Nike Vapor Edge 360 Speed from Dicks for $95. 

Photos via therams.com and @football.equipment.

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