Hl-2284 High Speed ​​2-Steps 3-Steps 4-Steps Zigzag Sewing Machine

HL-2284 High Speed 2-steps 3-steps 4-steps Zigzag Sewing Machine HL-2284 High Speed 2-steps 3-steps 4-steps Zigzag Sewing Machine  Model NameHL-2280 / HL-2284 / HL-2284NApplicationLight/medium/heavyMax. sewing speed5000 spmLift of presser foot5.5-10mmStitch Length5mmNeedle typeDP*5 10-14#Weight of machine head45/4

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HL-2284 High Speed 2-steps 3-steps 4-steps Zigzag Sewing Machine 
Hl-2284 High Speed 2-Steps 3-Steps 4-Steps Zigzag Sewing Machine

HL-2284 High Speed 2-steps 3-steps 4-steps Zigzag Sewing Machine 
Model NameHL-2280 / HL-2284 / HL-2284N
Max. sewing speed5000 spm
Lift of presser foot5.5-10mm
Stitch Length5mm
Needle typeDP*5 10-14#
Weight of machine head45/40kgs
Carton CBM660*340*730MM

1. Outer switching-button design, makes the switch between 2-step and 4-tep zigzag very easy & convenient. 
2. Outer switching- late design, makes the adjustments amongst 2mm, mm., 8mm., 10mm so easy and quick.
3. Adopting Japan-made HIROSE highest quality Titanium Hook, ensures smooth stitches & durability. Also China-made hook is optional.
4. With the improved needle-position-shifting-lever, fine adjustments of needle position much more simplified. Moreover, needle position can be fixed firmly by the new design of a stopper provided on the lever. 
5. New design of rotary thread take-up lever ensures uniform thread tension at no matter high or low tension stitching. 
6. Offcenter axis hook mechanism has been adopted eliminating problems of jumping stitches and thread breakage.  
7. Hemmer & folder are optional. 
8. Fully improved built in type bobbin winder makes it easier to adjust the amount of thread to be wound in bobbin and thread tension when winding bobbin. 
9. Elastic feeding device for zigzag sewing machine, special for sewing high quality ladies'& gentlemen's underwear.(optional) 
10. Screw pump type fully automatic lubrication system ensures stable flow of oil to the hook under pressure at all speeds. 
11. The new presser bar pressure regulating knob enables the simple adjustment of presser bar pressure. 
12. Standard zig zag exceeding zig zag width of 6mm of more and 3-step zig zag 
exceeding bight width of 8mm or more conform to Table.


1. Attaching laces, shoulder straps, and general zigzag stitching.
2. Attaching elastic tapes or laces to leg or waist portion of tights, swim suits etc..
3. Attaching elastic tapes or laces to corsets, bras, ladies' underwear etc.. Also can work for decorative purpose sewing.
4. General or decorative sewing for tights, pajamas, negligee, ladies' & children's ware etc...

The machine is designed as electronical  and machine integration, it has automatic stop, dial thread, trimmer,reserve and clockwise seam etc, series automatic function, improve production efficiency.The machine has simple changover lever,it can use for standard zigzag and 3-step zigzag,so it improves the efficiency,without changing another sewing machine, it is provided with adjustable height of the feed dog device to avoid aberrancy when seaming elastic fabric. It adopt not rotarying bobbin,it will not occur bobbin empty racing seam fault,it can maintain the bobbin thread tension.This machine is applicable for seaming underwear,swimsuit etc.

New type rotary thread take-up ensures uniform thread tensions under low-tension settings. Axis hook acting in concert with compensation has been adopted, and the hook points to catch thread loop at equivalence to left and right, thereby reducing skip stitching and thread breakage considerably. It's equipped with mini-lifter-and-presser foot which makes the presser foot up, and then sewing the flexible cloth with nice looking and soft stitches. Winder is designed in particular so that the machine can be used with more convenience. 2284N can achieve sewing directly,2-step zigzag, 4- step zigzag and 11 patterns zigzag with changing cam which increases the production efficiency.


Hl-2284 High Speed 2-Steps 3-Steps 4-Steps Zigzag Sewing Machine

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