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2022-08-27 13:50:43 By : Ms. Nancy Xu - The Mother Lode's Local News, Sports, Weather, Movies, Classifieds, Yellow Pages, Real Estate

Yellow tape cautioning campers to dead tree in the STF

Calaveras County, CA – Stanislaus National Forest (STF) officials want to remind visitors about the dangers of hazardous trees and offer some safety tips.

At the Big Meadows Campground on the Calaveras Ranger District yellow caution tape warns campers of a hazardous dead tree just across the road, as can be seen in the photos. Forest officials explain, “A ‘hazard tree’ is a tree that has a structural defect that makes it likely to fail in whole or in part. Falling trees are an ever-present hazard when traveling or camping in the forest, yet too often we are unaware of the risks associated with defective trees.”

Those defects come from age, fire and disease. Forest officials have provided these safety tips when dealing with dead or hazardous trees:

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