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The hallway is the most regularly-used room in a home and so it deserves to look good. It also needs to work hard on a practical level, providing useful storage and being able to withstand heavy traffic. These clever entryway ideas will help you design a foyer space that’s both beautiful, functional and welcoming.

If your hallway has lots of natural light, use the benefit wisely by going for a glamorous dark colour scheme. Paint the door and staircase black and then balance the dark tones with a warming wood floor and gold-toned accessories. 

If you are renovating a property it makes sense to leave the hallway décor until last. Why? Founder of homeware emporium Glassette, Laura Jackson explains: "If you've just moved into a new home, learn from my previous mistake. Make sure it is the final place you decorate, otherwise, you'll need to repaint again after the renovation dust and dirt have left their marks." This charming pink hallway was created by LOUD Architects.

Coats, shoes, scarves and hats need to be kept orderly and to a minimum in the hallway or the small space could soon resemble a jumble sale. Keep seasonal outwear out only and switch as the weather changes. Use baskets and boxes for smaller accessories such as gloves and scarves. 

If your hallway resembles a cupboard rather than a through-room, use the enclosed space to your advantage by transforming it into a dazzling corner full of colour. Hang a beautiful wallpaper on one wall—with only one or two rolls to purchase you can afford to up the budget to something designer or handprinted. Then, pick out the tones with a few simple extras. This bedside table works beautifully as a hallway console. Finish with a full-length mirror to enhance the compact area. 

If the hallway cupboard under the stairs is left unused, why not make the most of the space by transforming it into a tiny yet practical powder room or cloakroom? Install a petite basin and short projection toilet. Hang a hook for a towel on the door and finish with high storage for soap and accessories.  

Be sure your small apartment entryway is bursting with character with a hallway that's pretty in pink and bright pastel colours. The mirrored wardrobe, storage bench and wall hooks pack the small space with clever ideas to keep outwear close at hand but hidden away.

A lidded bench will be a wise investment in a hallway where practical storage is vital. Shoes and boots can be hidden inside while a padded seat and extra cushions in coordinating fabrics on top will create a cosy and welcoming feel. 

Rather than clutter up living rooms and bedrooms with too many accessories why not spread the love and let them spill out into the hallway instead? The rearrangement will keep your living spaces orderly and make hallways interesting. This colourful unit looks super quirky as a glass-fronted hallway storage cabinet displaying books, candles and vases. 

Narrow hallways require slimline furniture to ensure through traffic is not compromised. Open shelf storage will maximise the sense of space and is ideal for placing small storage boxes and simple accessory displays. 

Create a visual target to draw the eye in a small or narrow space. A piece of art or colourful window treatment will anchor the room to make the space feel larger and provide depth. 

Blackboard walls may be a common sight in kitchens and children's rooms but this chalkboard vinyl wall sticker is a practical and fun idea too. Peel and stick it to a smooth surface by the front door to write messages and reminders on; the kids will never leave the house without their PE kit again! 

A warm-toned herringbone floor will create a seamless flow in a large hallway. The soothing consistent pattern will naturally lead you towards other rooms leading from it. If real wood in such an expansive space is too expensive vinyl options can be hardwearing, durable and look super realistic.

A bright and colourful front door always increases kerb appeal. But the update will give your hallway a stunning transformation too. This period-style door is painted a pretty pink called 'Creme de la Rose'. We love the striking contrast it creates against the brave black lower walls and bannister. 

Who says you need to take your contemporary hallway seriously? We love the colourful addition added to the storage cupboard of this modern entryway. Hidden behind crisp white sliding doors here, is an adventurous pink feature wall, painted in Farrow & Ball's exotic, 'Rangwali'. 

Take inspiration from family TV shows such as Modern Family and start a family photo gallery on the blank staircase wall. Framing options are endless. Black and white snaps with black frames will create a smart and minimalist vibe, whereas various frames and photographs will look relaxed and interesting. 

It’s always nice to be welcomed home to the cosy glow of soft lighting, especially on a dark, cold night and adding a lamp to your hallway gives you the option of layering your lighting according to need, so you don't always have to rely on your main light. A good tip is to hook up your lamp to a switch by the front door, so you don’t have to fumble your way across the dark hallway to turn it on. 

Nothing transforms a hallway more easily and cost-effectively than a new doormat. With so many shapes, colours and designs to choose from, you can completely change the vibe of your entrance in an instant, whether it's a new season change or simply a style refresh. Just remember to check that it's made of a hardwearing material, such as coir or jute, for optimum shoe-wiping capabilities! 

Need some light in your hallway but are short on space? Opt for wall sconces, which attach directly to the wall, meaning they take up less floor space, and create ambient lighting that directs either up or down, depending on your choice of design. 

As the weather gets colder and the cost of living is soaring now is an excellent time to keep draughts out of hallways. This heavy, rich chocolate-toned curtain is stylishly colour-matched to the dark tone of the painted front door. Choose a fabric long enough to reach right to the floor to ensure your home is cosy for the autumn.

The chequerboard trend is bang on trend and will make a striking mono statement. If tiles seem expensive try vinyl or painting a hallway floor can be a fun and cheaper alternative. 

Never come home without a smile and, if you need a reminder, a wall of uplifting greetings will do the job. Not only will the welcome put you in a happier mood, but it also brings joy to guests. Plus, it's a brilliant spot to display photographs, trinkets and other memorabilia.

Turn your hallway into a space to linger, rather than just pass through, with a cosy reading nook. This is a great idea in homes with only one living space, allowing one person to enjoy a good book in peace while others watch TV in the living room. 

Don't just use the hallway as a place to dump your bag and shoes at the end of the day—give it the same love and attention that you would any room. Adding greenery will make it feel like a more homely space and is great for your wellbeing, too, giving you a nice welcome as you walk through the door. 

For a scheme that will stand the test of time and never go out of fashion, the classic look is a trusted choice. It works particularly well in a hallway when you add an elegant hat stand, shoe cupboard and storage bench all together for a homely feel.

Grab one last look and check your hair before you head out the door by hanging a stylish wall mirror. Of course, mirrors are also light-enhancing solutions and work perfectly if you want to create the illusion of a lighter, brighter room. A circular shape is right on trend and will soften the linear lines of a narrow hallway. 

Need a home for that much-loved new statement chair? Don't rule out the hallway—it's a great choice as not only will it be the first thing guests see when they enter your home, but it also makes putting on shoes that much easier! 

Install windows on either side of the front door and above, if you can fit them, to allow natural light to flood in and make your space feel nice and airy. This isn't just for large hallways either—small entrances can be gloomy and will really benefit from some glazing to help brighten them up. 

When you open the front door, you want guests to think "Wow!", so give them something to talk about by showing off a piece of striking furniture. This yellow-gold and glass console table is chic, stylish and reflective. If you can't stretch to its price tag, then why not spray paint a reclaimed piece yourself? 

Hallways often end up far down the list of decorating jobs and can end up looking lacklustre and boring. Instead, have fun with this space and use it to try out bold and bright schemes. The bold lilypad-effect pattern on these tiles makes a real statement.

Give visitors something to talk about with a new and exciting paint effect. Two-tone walls with a darker block colour at the bottom are a hot decorating trend and work particularly well in hallways where white walls get dirty quickly. 

Hallways can bear the brunt of lots of 'in and out' activity, so help protect the walls from nicks and scrapes by tiling them midway, as you might in a bathroom. These deep teal tiles have been laid in a timeless metro-style brick wall pattern, with a white accent colour to keep a refreshing balance and prevent the room from looking too dark. 

If you can’t stretch to a runner or aren’t so keen on carpet, a painted runner can look just as effective. Add your all-over base colour to the stairs, then mark out where you want your 'runner' to go, using a ruler and pencil, then follow your lines with masking tape before carefully painting the runner in your chosen colour. 

Add character to your hallway by creating a gallery wall that shows off favourite works of art. Because hallways are spaces that you tend to pass through, rather than spend time relaxing in, you can get away with bolder prints and colours than you might do in, say, a living room or bedroom.

Add character to your hallway by creating a gallery wall that shows off favourite works of art. Because hallways are spaces that you tend to pass through, rather than spend time relaxing in, you can get away with bolder prints and colours than you might do in, say, a living room or bedroom.

Who said internal doors have to be white or bare wood? Make a real style statement by painting them in a welcoming hue. Coordinate the look with matching (or contrasting!) skirting boards, door frames and even wooden benches. 

Hallways naturally get a lot of traffic with people coming and going in dirty footwear, and can be difficult to keep clean. Combat this by using suitable heavy-duty mats—pop a rubber mat outside and a coir one inside and you'll notice a difference.

The space under your stairs is the perfect place to sneak in some extra hallway storage. A mixture of open and closed storage works well, allowing you to put attractive items on display while hiding those that are less exciting, such as ironing boards and vacuum cleaners. It also makes an ideal spot for a dog bed. 

Wood panelling is a practical and characterful choice for your hallway walls as it's robust and quick to wipe down, and easy to repaint should it become too scuffed. It will work in most rooms, but looks particularly fitting in rustic country or coastal schemes. 

Narrow hallways can often be the darkest areas of the home so lighten the look with light-toned flooring. Vinyl is a budget-friendly option and (depending on your pattern) can create a seamless and spacious look. It also has the benefit of being waterproof and so coming home during rainy days is not a problem.

Hallways can also stand to take a bold wallpaper. If splashing out on floor-to-ceiling wallpaper is outside your budget, try hanging wallpaper only above or below dado height or on just one wall.

Get creative by painting your stairs with numbers, words, patterns, ombre or rainbow colours, or even trompe l’oeil designs – one particularly imaginative option is to paint the riser of each step as if it is the spine of a favourite book. 

Narrow hallways can often be the darkest areas of the home so lighten the look with light-toned flooring. Vinyl is a budget-friendly option and (depending on your pattern) can create a seamless and spacious look. It also has the benefit of being waterproof and so coming home during rainy days is not a problem.

An old library cabinet, apothecary chest or sideboard will add character and could be just the thing for storing all those annoying bits and bobs that don’t have anywhere else to live. Keys, parking permits, gloves, spare change—all of these would fit neatly into their own dedicated compartments. 

Be sure you look the part before you leave the house by adding a full-length mirror to your hallway. A large floor-standing style will add character to your space and the expansive reflective surface will increase light to maximise the sense of space. 

Create a calming environment from the moment you walk through the door. Keep only the bare minimum on show in the hallway by hiding shoes and coats out of sight in closed storage. Choose surfaces and furniture in a coherent and soothing neutral tone. Finally, only display simple accessories that offer quality craftmanship or usefulness. 

Make the most of a small entryway with a few pops of stand-out colour tones. The Otto House has started their compact hallway scheme with a neutral backdrop and then layered the space with bright and pastel tones that create fun and happy welcome. We particularly love the yellow vintage-style drawers that look as though it was custom made for the tiny hallway corner. 

Give your hallway a 'cottagecore' vibe with shiplap panels for added protection and a bespoke built-in wooden storage bench. Natural wood floors and country-style door will enhance the rustic charm. Rural staples like a boot stand and a basket of chopped wood will seal the deal. 

When it comes to storage, square baskets slid onto shelves, trunks stacked on the floor and belly baskets hung from peg rails all make easy solutions for winter gloves, scarves and hats—plus they can be moved around easily. Choose organic materials to inject some natural texture and warmth into your hallway.  

In narrow hallways, tiered furniture is practical as it naturally takes up less floor space without compromising on storage capacity, thanks to the layered shelving. Iron and wood designs channel industrial style, while the open nature keeps the room from looking too full with furniture. A factory-style task lamp will complete the look and keep the space well-lit when needed. 

Victorian-style statement floor tiles are both hardwearing and beautiful in the hallway. Opt for an intricate and symmetrical design, such as these, with a muted palette that will help to enhance a small space. Complete the look by painting woodwork in a colour to complement the tiles and traditional yet opulent foyer furniture that mimics the conservative era. 

Not only is panelling on-trend, but it also makes a practical solution for protecting walls in high traffic areas such as the entryway. Use pre-cut panels to get this sophisticated look on a budget. It can also be an alternative method of adding a two-tone colour effect. 

Bounce light around your hallway by going for reflective surfaces where you can, on furniture, floors and even paint – especially if you've chosen a darker colour scheme. Small hallways often lack windows, which can make your space feel dark, but you can get around this by installing a glazed front door (or semi-glazed) instead, to allow plenty of light to flood the room. 

If your hallway opens directly into a reception room, why not define the different areas using furniture or flooring? This modern herringbone floor, for example, has been laid with bold monochrome chevrons to welcome guests as they enter the hallway, and then blends into a warm wood tone the further you go into the living space.    

Sophisticated radiator covers not only keep old designs hidden, but their boxed nature means you have a ready-made slim shelf for displaying accessories, keeping a letter rack or even a handy key store.

If you're lucky enough to have a large hallway, but feel it's looking a little sparse, then try adding a central table for a traditional touch. A circular style is ideal, as it lacks any sharp corners to knock yourself on when you're coming or going. Finish with a large bouquet of seasonal flowers that you can change for events and seasons. 

A smart striped carpet in the hallway is not only great for hiding dirt, but the subtle pattern creates an illusion that there is more length (or width, if it's laid horizontally) to the room. Double the impact by paring back the rest of the scheme with a neutral colour palette that will help draw the eye down to the carpet and make it the star of the show. 

We all know that tiles are a highly practical flooring option for the hallway, but they're also a great way to make a statement in one of the smaller rooms. Encaustic tiles are a timeless choice that won’t go out of style and will sit comfortably in both a classic or contemporary scheme.

A narrow table is the ultimate pretty-but-practical addition to a hallway. It provides storage for keys and other bits and pieces, as well as a surface on which to display photographs, candles and trinkets. Frame the table with a vase, lamp and a mirror overhead.

Railway-style luggage racks are an excellent choice for a narrow hallway, giving you a spot to hang coats and hats without taking up too much room. You can hunt down beautiful vintage luggage racks at flea markets and online, often at bargain prices, while modern recreations may give you the bonus of extra features, like additional coat hooks. 

If you have a large and busy household, why not install box storage where everything has its rightful place? This can be a great solution for cutting down on time spent tripping over each other trying to find coats and keys in the morning. 

A vintage dresser or wardrobe can stand in as a console table in a wider hallway, giving you extra storage and adding character to the space. Complete the look with complementary pieces, like an ornate wall mirror and comfy armchair. 

It's easy to reserve the space under your stairs for the vacuum cleaner and broom, but why not transform it into a home office with a desk, cupboards, shelves and a noticeboard instead? If you have enough room to pull up a chair and comfortably walk behind it, then there's plenty of space for a desk. 

Families can have a lot of stuff that often gets dumped as soon as you are through the front door, so keep it tidy by giving little ones their own special storage and encouraging them to use it. Low-level hooks look funky and make it easy for kids to hang their own coats, while a bench beneath offers a practical place for the many shoes and boots you each own.

To create a sense of cohesion throughout your home, use the same flooring from the hallway in other ground-level rooms. Wood and laminate are ideal for areas that get heavy footfall, as they are long-lasting and durable. Our top tip? Lay the planks so they run away from the door to increase that sense of space.

The same thing goes for wall colours. While this royal blue might feel a bit much for a whole living room, it brings a splash of richness to this hallway when used in one small area, and will raise a smile every time you walk past it. 

Even the smallest of spaces can usually have a piece of furniture squeezed in to serve as a hallway station. A tiny bench is perfect for perching on while you put your shoes on, and you can always give a plain design a splash of colour, like this one, for an inviting look.

Open up a narrow hallway with a scheme in light and neutral colours. Soft greys, combined with whites and gentle pastels, are ideal for this part of the home as they're soothing shades and not overpowering. 

For areas that will have a lot of footfall, hardwearing floors are best and you can't go wrong with solid, porcelain tiles that are extremely durable and easy to keep clean. The realistic natural stone finish not only looks stunning but is a practical choice, too.

In today's modern world of emails and text messaging, we don't tend to get much in the way of post (unless it's nasty bills!), but don't just leave the ones you do receive lying on the doormat. Give them a little spot on a nearby console table to keep them neat and tidy, and free from getting lost or chewed by the dog!

Bold, dramatic carpet is making a comeback and we couldn't be more excited. But if you're a little on the nervous side and running a statement design through your main living space feels you with dread, then keep to smaller zones. Hallways and up the stairs are brilliant spots to make a feature with carpet.

A hallway is the perfect spot to curate a display of trinkets and collectables – an antique telephone looks wonderful here, as you can see. A sweet bench and small side table makes for an idyllic spot to sit and read, reflect or chat on the phone (which we guess will probably not be a landline!). 

The right runner can transform your staircase from being a simple means of getting from A to B into a stand-out design feature that greets you when you walk in through the front door. Some runners come as part of a matching carpet range, so you can continue the design on the floors of your hallway and landing as well. 

If you want to make a big opening statement in your hallway, geometric tiles in a bold colour palette are a good way to go. Keep pattern to a minimum in the rest of the space to allow the tiles to take centre stage and prevent the overall look from feeling too busy. 

If you’re a keen cyclist, having somewhere convenient to store your bike is a must. Hung on the wall, a bike can become a design feature rather than something that’s just in the way. The clever storage solution shown here incorporates a shelf for your helmet as well as your bike, keeping the two conveniently together. 

Highlight your entryway with pendant lights to match your scheme. These pretty aqua-blue glass designs mimic a watery ocean and, teamed with wall cladding, white wood furniture and nautical accessories, they set the tone for a coastal-themed home perfectly. If you, or a member of your household, are tall, positioning pendant lights to the side of the walkway makes sense.

Your entryway probably requires flexible storage to meet many needs. Add plenty of stylish solutions by coordinating furniture and choosing a combination of open and closed cabinets to maximise the sense of space. The rich green shade of this metal furniture range transforms the mundane into a refreshing and colourful feature. 

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