65 cheap gifts skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon that are cool as hell

2022-11-28 13:09:56 By : Mr. Ryan Liao

It’s your turn to win gift-giver of the year.

For many people, gift shopping is done at the last minute (or, if you learned a lesson from last year's midnight shopping adventure, a few days or weeks in advance). Either way, even if shopping isn’t your strong suit, it’s very possible to be a bearer of the perfect gifts — no matter the occasion. Who doesn’t want that unwrapping moment when the present you chose goes down as memorable and fun? Bag Filling Machine

65 cheap gifts skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon that are cool as hell

The challenge here is to bring a bit of creativity and, perhaps, some research to the task. I did the research for you — and so did the Amazon customers who left reviews. Together, we unearthed these 65 cheap gifts that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon and are cool as hell.

So, relax. You’ve got this. Just be ready to hit the buy button when you see the solution.

There’s a single kitchen item that can turn anything in the fridge into a party-worthy snack, STAT — and that’s a nice charcuterie board. Cheese, dried fruit, nuts, berries, and pieces of toasted bread can be transformed into a beautiful and appealing meal to share on this large bamboo charcuterie board. The channeled side trays hold nuts or crackers and the big bamboo board offers plenty of canvas for arranging cheese and meat. Everyone needs at least one version of this party hack on hand — so gift away.

Whether you take lunch to work every day or occasionally enjoy a picnic, this insulated lunch box makes the process easy. The roomy, insulated interior holds plenty of food and has a pocket for ice packs or utensils. The outside pocket holds a few napkins and necessities, and the handle makes it easy to grab and carry. A shoulder strap allows for hands-free carrying or snaps off when it’s unnecessary.

“Absolutely love it!” said one reviewer. “It kept my food and water cold for eight hours and I love the size.”

For anyone who creates to relax, this set of watercolor brush pens makes it easy to paint on coloring books, blank pages, or journals without hauling out messy paints and supplies or cleaning brushes. The 24 colors are delivered through a soft and precise brush that makes drawing or coloring a pleasure.

“I love this brush pen set,” said one reviewer. “The tips are soft and nice, easy to handle, I can draw fine lines and turn into bolder strokes easily.”

Why is this inscrutable black box such an amazing gift? Because sleeping is fabulous, listening to coworkers talk on the phone is not, and a way to self-calm when life gets stressful always comes in handy. This white noise machine drowns out life’s annoying and sleep-preventing sounds and replaces them with calming alternatives like a babbling brook, a box fan, or the sounds of the ocean. It’s small enough to take traveling and has a sleep timer and six buttons that turn on specific sounds.

“I am absolutely amazed at how much better we sleep with this sound machine,” said one of the 20,000 five-star reviewers.

This AirTag wallet has everything a chronic wallet-loser needs. There are plenty of slots for all the new credit cards and a money clip to hold the replacement cash as well as a slot for an AirTag so this wallet never gets lost. It’s slim enough to fit in a front pocket yet holds as much as a traditional fat bifold wallet. Once it’s loaded with cash, cards, and AirTag, connect it to your phone to always know exactly where the wallet is. It comes in three colors.

Anyone who loves to grill will appreciate a complete grill accessories kit to level up their game. This collection of spatulas in various lengths and for several purposes will make flipping, moving, and controlling all the meats on the grill so easy. And the long, heat-proof handles prevent burns. The scraper is useful for transferring cut ingredients or clearing a board or grill. And those squirt bottles with snap-closed lids will make applying sauces and oils super fun. It all comes in a carry bag to make storing and setting up the outdoor kitchen easy.

When someone has hair — especially if it is thick, curly, or prone to tangling — they will love receiving this detangling brush that works on wet or dry hair. It is the brush that many reviewers say is the only one that can get through serious tangles or hair challenges. The flexible, cone-shaped bristles gently separate the knots rather than ripping out hair so it’s the pain-free brush that makes detangling a kid’s hair easier, too.

“No brush I've owned goes through my hair like this one does!!!” said one reviewer. “It is very quick to use, and my hair looks great after brushing with it!! It also feels WONDERFUL ON MY SCALP and it does NOT make my hair frizzy!!!”

It’s likely a fair bet that your recipient could use a set of good, sharp steak knives because, so often, this is an acquisition that involves a big outlay of cash. That’s not the case with this premium steak knife set — but no one has to know that. This set of four sharp, non-serrated knives is perfect for cutting meat and other foods at the table and they look terrific in a place setting.

“Now I can eat steak again!” said one reviewer. “These knives are razor sharp and you can actually cut your food up into nice bite-size pieces!”

When it comes to applying makeup, lighting is everything. So if you know someone who wears the stuff, they will love this magnified and backlit vanity mirror that shows them how their makeup looks in the everyday lighting people will see them in. With 2X and 3X magnification mirrors (and options that include 5X and 10X), LED backlights that are tuned to daylight, and a mount that rotates 360 degrees, this is the tool they want.

“I love this mirror,” said one reviewer. “My make-up is now on point. It's great lighting, and the different magnification mirrors also are great.”

Get someone started on a bullet journal with this Bullet Notebook journal set. It takes all the mystery out of this planning and journaling practice that helps people stay on track, set larger goals, track progress, and enjoy a daily moment of creative self-reflection. The kit includes a dot-grid journal, pens, stencils, and a pen case that attaches to the notebook for on-the-go tracking.

Anyone who is a side sleeper will benefit from tucking this memory foam knee pillow between their knees or thighs while they sleep. It helps keep the spine aligned while sleeping to prevent back pain and the contoured shape — with a cooling gel where it touches your legs — helps it comfortably stay put all night.

“This pillow helped alleviate my pain in just one night,” reported one reviewer. “The pillow is not too thick and it does not move overnight.”

Giving a massage as a gift is a classic — if expensive — option because everyone needs to relax at some point. But this massage roller ball is the gift of massage they can use over and over again and it’s totally affordable. Just roll the steel massage roller ball over tight muscles and it gets in there and massages them till they relax. Put the ball in the freezer for cold therapy treatment. A gel in the ball holds the cold temperature for a nice long massage.

“This massage roller ball has become my new best friend after those workouts where I decide to go all hardcore and push it to the next level,” said one reviewer. “I honestly wish I'd had one of these years ago.”

Anyone who travels often knows the struggle of trying to sleep on a plane. This inflatable neck pillow is the solution. Instead of holding your neck up, you rest your head on it leaning forward. It inflates quickly, stores in a small carry bag, and comes with earplugs and an eye mask.

“I set it on my lap, put my earphones on and put my head down,” said one reviewer. “I'm sure I looked a little ridiculous ... [but] the next thing I knew, I was being tapped on the shoulder by a flight attendant ... six hours after I put my head down!”

Beard upkeep can be a lot of work, but this unique bib apron makes beard-trimming day so much easier. Put the paper towels away and suction the ends of this beard bib apron to the mirror instead. As you shave, the discarded whiskers land in the bib — not in the sink or all over the floor — so that when you are done, you can gather them all up and throw them away instead of vacuuming the entire bathroom or suffering the wrath of anyone you share the room with.

“I rage ordered this when my boyfriend left his man glitter all over the sink for an ungodly amount of time,” said one reviewer. “It has saved many arguments since.”

This exercise ball is a great addition to anyone’s home gym or home office. Used for stretching, bodyweight exercises, and to help improve balance and stability, it’s a fun and useful piece of workout gear. It’s also a great place to sit and work in order to add movement and a stability challenge to the workday. It comes in five sizes and 10 colors so you can match the decor and the user’s height.

This car trunk organizer is the automotive upgrade that no one knows they need until the first time they drop groceries into it, drive away, and experience goods not flying around the trunk. It has two roomy cargo containers and side pockets for all your in-car necessaries. It clips to the interior and sports big handles so you can haul all your cargo out at once. It works well in a back seat or SUV cargo area, too. When not full, the cargo section folds up halfway or completely so you can reclaim the trunk. Over 48,000 people give it five stars.

For the coffee lover in your life, this coffee canister is a beautiful and effective storage container for those precious beans or grounds. It seals tight to help prevent them from getting stale and has a date tracker on the lid so they can be sure they are using the coffee in a timely fashion. The scoop mounted to the side is helpful, too. But the best part is how pretty it looks on the counter. It comes in four finishes.

The daily challenge of carrying a phone when you don’t have adequate pockets is a universal problem in modern times. This phone holder that puts a sizeable pocket on your arm is a nice solution and would make an ideal gift for anyone who runs, walks a dog, or is otherwise faced with this dilemma while trying to go hands-free and not carry a backpack.

“If you work out and want to be hands-free, this product is a must!” said one reviewer. “It fits snug and stays on your arm if you are doing jumping jacks, running sprints, or doing yoga.

When you want warm ears on a chilly day but don’t want to develop hat hair, these ear muffs are the solution. They are cozy and warm on the inside and low-key on the outside. The springy fit holds them to your head, wrapping around the back so they don’t mess up your hairstyle.

“Got these for my boyfriend as a gift, and he loves them,” said one reviewer. “They fit well and keep his ears really warm without messing up his hair on the way to work.”

A good leather belt is a wardrobe essential but, for some reason, is something people often neglect to buy for themselves. That makes them the perfect gift! And this genuine leather belt is a beautiful specimen. It is made of cowhide and you order it based on your pant size for a precise fit. The edge stitching, silver buckle, and double loops give it both style and function.

There is no need to drop a tidy fortune for an insulated coffee mug that looks terrific in your hand. This set of two beautiful, stainless steel insulated coffee mugs has a curved handle, double-wall insulation, sipping lids, and can keep beverages hot or cold for hours. This is a set of two that comes out to just $12 each. They come in 14 colors and over 3,000 people gave them five stars.

Ties are a classic gift, of course. And this handmade tie is a great choice. The matte finishes and diagonal weave create an understated look. And the microfiber fabric is at once silky soft and last-for-decades durable. Choose a skinny tie or a standard width to suit the style of your recipient and upgrade their collection without going broke.

“It is a dead ringer for the much more expensive Irish poplin tie, down to the bias weave,” said one reviewer. “Great looking tie for an exceptionally low price.”

This modern — reversed — take on the umbrella makes a great gift because it is at once novel and beautiful, while also being a useful item that works better than a traditional model. When you close the reverse umbrella, it traps the wet and dripping side inside so the water stays off your shoes and drips, instead, from an easy-to-control exit at the top of the fabric. The interiors are a beautiful surprise and the handle hooks over your wrist — or a wall hook — so it’s easy to carry and store.

This set of four stemmed white wine glasses is a lovely upgrade for any home. The thin, laser-cut rims make sipping wine a pleasure of scent and taste and allow the wine to breathe. The crystal-grade glass is delicate and elegant. The 15-ounce capacity is perfect. And the glasses are durable enough to go in the dishwasher.

“These glasses are truly wonderfully made,” said one reviewer. “They are just strong enough ... to make you feel confident that you won't actually break them but thin enough to be considered a [really] great set of wine glasses.”

When you are running, hiking, or just want to go out with your phone and some credit cards — but your clothes have no pockets — this body-hugging running belt snaps on quickly and holds just the right amount of stuff. You can hide it under a shirt or wear it like a statement. There is a channel for your headphones. The belt is adjustable. And the zippered pocket has the capacity to handle any phone. There’s also a small pocket for your keys or other items and a holster for a small water bottle. It comes in seven colors.

Toss one of these six shower steamers into the shower so the water douses it as you bathe and the scent they release transforms that daily ablution into a relaxing — or energizing, depending on the scent — spa-like experience. Each of these is a different botanical scent designed to create a mood. Reviewers gave these over 8,000 five-star ratings, and many of them are coming back to buy more for themselves and for gifts. They come in a beautiful gift box so you don’t even have to wrap them.

If you want a gift for someone who works in front of a standing desk, loves to cook, or is the one who does all the dishes, be the person who springs for this anti-fatigue mat to help save their back, legs, and feet from the pain and weariness of standing on a hard floor. The soft foam is bouncy and pleasant to stand on. It also encourages micro-movements that reduce the exhaustion of standing and helps relieve pressure on the joints. The six color options are vibrant and the textured patterns are low-key enough to suit any room. It comes in five sizes.

Keeping a car clean is no easy task, but having this dedicated car vacuum cleaner in there, tucked neatly into its storage bag, makes it an achievable goal. With detailing attachments to get into car-specific nooks and crannies, a filter to keep the dust contained, and the lighter port as a power source, it makes doing a quick clean-up after a drive something you can do anywhere in just a few minutes.

“I’m not usually one who loves to clean but this was joyful,” said one of the more than 133,000 five-star reviewers. “Maybe it was the crumbs being removed from the car seats, maybe it was the tunes I was jamming to from the radio ... but it was easy.”

Dog lovers don’t necessarily want their car to smell like a wet pet. This SUV cargo liner lets any dog owner have a wet dog and a cleaner car. It completely lines the cargo area of an SUV, snapping to the headrests and clinging to the carpet with a nonslip backing. It’s waterproof and is an excellent fur barrier so the car stays clean. Just remove the liner when the dog isn’t riding back there to carry people or cargo.

Can a tea lover ever have enough teapots? Probably not. This glass teapot with an infuser makes a nice office or desk option because you can heat the water in a microwave. It’s sized for three to four cups, with a view of the tea as it steeps. It can handle tea bags or loose tea, and removing the steeping tea from the hot water is a simple matter of lifting out the stainless steel infuser. It also comes with an adorable sweater that zips on to keep the tea warm.

Suction this water-resistant Bluetooth shower speaker to the wall of the shower and party — or listen to a book — while you bathe. The controls are easy to operate, even with wet and soapy hands, and your phone stays dry outside the shower. At this price, this speaker is a great gift for anyone on your list and it comes in six colors. Almost 19,000 people gave it five stars.

This slender, 36-page reusable smart notebook never runs out of paper because, when you fill it up, you just wipe the pages clean and start over. And all the notes are stored forever in the cloud where you can search them, organize them, and access them from any connected device. This dot grid, executive-sized notebook is ideal for anyone who loves to write with a pen yet also wants to store their ideas and jots online where they can be edited and found again.

If you can’t fit your favorite travel mug in the cup holders in your car, this cup holder adapter is the solution. Drop it into the cup holder and it turns it into a bigger one. It has two ring adapters so you can get the perfect fit in your cup holder and it will hold big bottles and even mugs with handles.

“Fits my 40 oz Hydro Flask quite well,” reported one reviewer. “[And] the two removable plastic size adjusters plus the neoprene sleeve make for a super tight fit [in the cup holder].”

This car trash can is the solution to a messy car and the perfect gift for anyone who has one. Big enough to handle food wrappers and empty drink cups, it gives you an easy-to-access place to toss debris while you are driving. It’s waterproof, comes with a supply of liners, has several options for anchoring and hanging it, and has side pockets to keep small essentials on hand. It collapses if you have cargo or passengers and has a lid to hide the mess.

Anyone who loves bubble tea, iced coffee, or any tall, cold beverage — especially one that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the palate — will love these tall Mason jar glasses that showcase your beverage and come with a bamboo lid so you can take them on the go. The glass straws pair beautifully with them and the set even comes with a cleaning brush for the glasses and for the straws.

A doormat that says the family name and the date moved in is an upgrade many homeowners may not have thought of. That makes this personalized doormat a lovely gift. Just customize it in the drop-down menu with the name and the year they were “established” and your thoughtful gift is in the bag.

“Great gift idea!” confirmed one reviewer who bought several. “I will buy this every time I need a special gift idea.”

Give your meals a tropical vibe and make a move to help save the planet at the same time. These four coconut bowls — and four matching spoons — are made from actual coconut shells that would otherwise end up in the trash. They require no precious resources to create, feel natural, and look just right with a salad, smoothie bowl, or Buddha bowl.

“This set ... make[s] a really nice gift,” said one reviewer. “Either for someone who adores coconut, or a vegan who wants to reduce his/her impact on the planet and proactively consume only sustainable products.”

This electric griddle is perfect for cooking one egg, a few cookies, or just enough pancakes for a one-person breakfast. The surface is just four inches in diameter and heats up quickly. It also wipes clean. It’s an ideal gift for a single person, someone living in a dorm, or a cookie monster who has frozen dough on hand at all times.

Installing a row of hooks in the entryway is a clever life hack that keeps clutter from spreading into the house and makes it easy to find your jacket, bag, umbrella, keys, and dog leash. It’s a hack you can share by gifting this wall-mounted key holder to anyone who seems to struggle with lost keys and clutter. It mounts easily — and comes with all the mounting hardware — and the clean style goes with any decor.

Save someone from the pain of the numb arm caused by holding a phone up for photos, selfies, or video calls, and improve every one of those efforts with this extendable selfie kit. The arm does all the hard work of holding the phone at an angle, extends so you can get a bit of distance in the photos, and lets you take selfies without a shot of your extended arm. It comes with a remote, snaps open into a tripod, and gets over 15,000 five-star ratings.

These darling cubes of wax bubbles are like pieces of modern sculpture when unlit. And when you light them, these soy wax candles emit a delicious floral scent that evokes fields of flowers in spring. So they are the kind of gift you can give to anyone, including for a white elephant gift exchange or a relative you barely know. There are seven color options and two in a pack so you can mix it up a bit.

Sometimes a practical gift is the way to go, especially if it shows that you care about the safety of your recipient. And these two LED lightbulbs with a backup battery are exactly that. Screw them into a lamp or light fixture and the next time the power goes out, they will keep on lighting at 60 watts for up to five hours. They are self-charging so they are plug-and-forget easy. Is there anyone on your list who would not love you for this every time there’s a power outage?

Instead of holding your drink or setting it on the couch cushions and risking a spill, jam the base of this couch cup holder between the couch cushions and set your drink (or mug) in the cupholder where it will be safe. It holds standard cans, a variety of cups, and even a remote control or snack.

“Totally solves the problem of where to put one's drink while chilling on the couch!” says one reviewer.

Anyone who loves pickles will also love the genius design of this pickle and olive container. Open the top, pour your pickles from the jar into the top section, and all the juice goes into the bottom section while the pickles (or olives) remain dry on the top. When you store them in the fridge, turn the container over and the juice returns to the pickle storage area. No more digging around in the juice to get at the prize.

For those who spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen, these blue light-blocking glasses can help ease the glare. With trendy round frames, three pairs in different colors in each set, and lots of color options, reviewers love the way they look and how much better their eyes feel when they wear them.

Want to know the dark secret of anyone who always sports a cool ball cap? Storage. Hats are a challenge to store unless you have vast amounts of space. But this hanging cap keeper manages it. It holds 16 caps in a small space in the closet and you can see them all, choose one to wear, and safely put them away easily.

“My husband has a ton of hats and they ... were unused because he couldn't see them,” wrote one reviewer. “I got this and it works great! ... He can just unclip the one he wants and off he goes!”

If anyone on your list is driving without a phone mount in their car, this phone holder is the perfect gift for them. It clips onto the air vent and grips the phone securely so that using navigation and taking calls can be done without looking away from the road. It rotates so you can view the phone in portrait or landscape mode. Reviewers love it and gave it over 7,000 five-star reviews.

This vintage-style glass box can be used for keepsake storage or as a jewelry box and, either way, it will look beautiful doing it. The hinged top opens only so far because a golden chain secures it. It’s also easy to see whatever is stored in it so the jewelry won’t get lost or forgotten.

“This box looks so elegant and expensive but is very reasonably priced,” said one reviewer. “I’ve given two to my sweetheart and she loves them ... Nice to see what’s inside.”

When you love your cereal crunchy, you live your mornings in a constant state of hurry, trying to wolf it before it sogs. This never-soggy cereal bowl will calm things down. Pour the milk into one side and the cereal into the other and your crunchy treat won’t touch liquid till you make it happen with a spoon, a second before putting it in your mouth. The shape is elegant, too, so it works well for serving dips and chips when you aren’t eating cereal.

Whether you’re buying this necklace for yourself or someone else, it’s a unique and stylish piece of jewelry. The gold-plated accessory is made with stainless steel and includes a 16-inch chain. Plus, there are various different birth years available to choose from.

When you don’t know what to get, get a toothpick dispenser with a little bird on top that picks up the toothpicks and hands them to you in its little beak. This woodpecker dispenser comes with enough toothpicks to get you started and is so cute that everyone will play with it when they unwrap it. And, you will also have toothpicks after dinner. There are two colors.

This set of six packing cubes — four sizes for clothing, a laundry bag, and a shoe keeper — helps anyone who travels a lot have a tidier time doing so. Everything in that suitcase will be categorized and packed into a zippered cube so even an open suitcase becomes an opportunity to show off a brilliant packing job. The whole trip will go better, too, because finding a clean T-shirt or pair of underwear is so easy and doing the laundry is quick because all the dirty clothes are in the laundry bag. There are 12 colors and 21,000 people gave them five stars.

For anyone who struggles with clutter (and who doesn’t?) Minimalista is a coffee table book that’s a beautiful and elegant design element in the home — as well as a guide to editing belongings, organizing your space, and embracing a healthy amount of minimalism.

“I love that Shira takes you room by room and helps you understand what you need and don’t need,” said one reviewer. “Because of her, my house feels more peaceful and calm.”

Feed your coins into this face coin bank and it will eat them up. In fact, it starts chewing when it senses your hand near its face. Whether you find this adorable or a little unnerving is up in the air, but it’s certainly a memorable gift for anyone who wants to save coins.

“Terrifying ... but worth it,” said one reviewer. “It is beautiful,” said another. “The mouth moving is amazing.” It comes in six colors.

These polarized sunglasses offer a new take on the round shape: Squared. It’s hip and channels those uber-present ‘90s fashion vibes. The frames are light. You can pick from 11 lens color and frame color combinations, and they are super affordable.

“[Love] these sunnies. [Super] cute and pretty high quality for the price!! [They] are polarized and they work amazing and are in style right now,” shared one reviewer.

This essential oil diffuser and mister is a nice-looking little number that fits easily on a bedside table or desk, and fills the air with a cool mist that helps make dry air easier on the throat. Plants, babies, adults, and anyone who breathes air can enjoy this. And just a few drops of essential oil turn that mist into an aromatherapy treatment that can help induce sleep, calm the nerves, or clear the sinuses, depending on the oil you use. It comes in five colors and nearly 81,000 people loved it and gave it five stars.

If you love Carpool Karaoke, why not make some of your own? This wireless karaoke microphone is portable, rechargeable, and connects to any Bluetooth-streaming device or your car’s stereo, wirelessly, so you can sing through the car speakers. It’s fun for long rides and also works at home — or anywhere.

“Dangerously FUN!” reports one reviewer. “This is the BESSST! SO MUCH FUN! We use it in the car, obviously, and my kids take turns singing and telling dad jokes at red lights.”

When you’re out camping or get lost in the woods, this personal water filter straw can provide a safe drink from water you find in nature. The built-in filters are designed to remove water-born parasites, bacteria, microplastics, and dirt so even if you are forced to drink from a puddle, you will survive it. And the water might actually taste good.

“I saw Bear Grylls drink water from a street puddle using this and that sold me,” said one reviewer. “I don't intend to do that but it's certainly good for drinking from streams and such.”

This weird silicone smoothie cup with an insulated liner can turn any drink into a slushie or smoothie with a few squeezes. Put it in the freezer first. Then pour your drink into it and squeeze. It freezes your soda or juice into a cold and delicious treat. The spoon straw is perfect for consuming that frozen creation and the lid keeps it all inside. It makes a great gift for kids.

“Makes a quick frozen slushie from any drink — lemonade, soft drink, etc,” said one reviewer. “We keep it ready and frozen in the freezer all the time.”

Know someone a little crafty? Help them turn all the empty beer, liquor, and wine bottles into glassware, vases, and other useful items with this bottle-cutting tool kit. It has all the tools — roller, blades, safety gloves, sandpaper, and cleaning sponge — to get started on this craft, which is also the ultimate form of recycling.

“I got this product so I could cut some wine bottles and make some cool stuff,” said one reviewer. “It was so easy to use! I followed the directions and it took me less [than] 10 minutes to cut the glass!”

This set of eight glass canisters and spice jars in five sizes makes a great gift that turns spices, nuts, coffee, pasta, and more into a beautiful display in the pantry. They create order while making it easier to find ingredients, and the screw-on lids keep contents fresh. They are so nice that many reviewers place them where they will be visible.

They are “perfect for our see-through kitchen cabinets,” says one satisfied customer. “Creating a matching organized look.”

If you — or someone you love — sleeps hot, you know the problem. You wake up hot, kick off the covers, and then get cold and pull the covers back on. Repeat all night. This mattress pad cover is the solution. The blend of microfiber and bamboo help regulates body temperature so that none of that happens.

“LOVE my new mattress but yikes was it making me sleep HOT ...” said one reviewer. “I swapped out my mattress pad for this cover and MAGIC. Now I sleep comfortably all nite and I get to enjoy my thick, fluffy, heavy winter bedding.” It also protects your mattress from spills and stains.

Stick this big dry-erase whiteboard to the fridge and turn that appliance into a brainstorming space, communication center, or a place for daily reminders. It comes with four colored dry-erase markers and an eraser and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who works from home or wants assistance remembering appointments or lists.

Help bring order to anyone who may need it with this expandable drawer organizer. Drop it into a wide drawer and expand it fully to get 10 compartments. In a narrower drawer, it compacts to only eight compartments. The bamboo is pretty and easy to clean and it will last for decades, no matter how often they get moved or reorganized.

This floor mop with a refillable spray bottle makes cleaning the floor so easy that it’s no big deal. Fill the bottle with the cleanser of your choice, spray the floor with the handle, and wipe away the spills and dirt. The mop pads are washable and reusable and it stores easily in a small closet, too.

“I love the simplicity of this mop,” said one reviewer. “Whoever made this is a genius!”

65 cheap gifts skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon that are cool as hell

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